Services & Additional Products

Delivery / Recovery Service : Airport, Hotel or Residence

Our car rental agency in Agadir, Mirleft and Tiznit is continuously expanding its business to meet your mobility needs. Also, you can book the car of your choice online for your favorite destinations.

Sable d’or car is present in the main airports of the kingdom: Agadir, Marrakech, Essaouira or other …

Delivery / recovery of your vehicle is guaranteed within the hour, whether at the airport, at the hotel or at home.

Book now and take advantage of the free service for any rental on Agadir.

Additional driver & upgrade

Our agency allows passengers to take the wheel while enjoying the optional guarantees subscribed by the tenant. To benefit from the “additional driver” option for free, just apply and submit your driver’s license.

As a customer of “Sable d’or car”, you will often enjoy a free upgrade. The offer includes an upgrade to the next higher category or a better equipped vehicle than the one reserved.

With our car rental agency in Agadir, Mirleft and Tiznit you will ensure more comfort without spending more.

Roadside assistance

Our customer benefits from free roadside assistance, to help him in case of need: damaged tire, discharged battery or mechanical breakdown due to the normal wear and tear of the vehicle.

At this level, we work with leading market support companies.

Our extras that make the difference

Pneumatic extended cover

By subscribing to this insurance supplement, you are exempt from any financial liability for damage to the tires.

Franchise Redemption

Opt for this additional coverage and forget any details that may prevent you from appreciating your expedition. Partial or total removal of the deductible allows you to reduce or eliminate the amount of your financial liability applicable in case of damage to the vehicle, whatever their origin.

This insurance must be taken out at the beginning of the rental period.

All the generosity of a welcome, quality as a bonus!